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Glovent Progress: Implementation of new access control system

1st July 2022 | News & Events

Dear Owners and Residents,

The go-live date for GLOVENT and the new Access Control system has been postponed until 1 August
2022. This will allow sufficient time for all Owners and Residents to register on the GLOVENT APP, for the completion of the civils at the Gatehouse and the registration of access tags.

There are still 27 Owners and Residents who have not yet registered on the GLOVENT APP. You are urged to do so urgently as we do not want you to be stuck at the gate when we go live.

The current remote devices will, in the near future, be replaced by a remote system that is Bluetooth based. This system will allow you to open the gates remotely using the GLOVENT APP without having to open your window at the gate to tag yourself in. Current access tags are compatible with GLOVENT and do not have to be replaced, but they still have to be activated on the GLOVENT SYSTEM. Residents/Owners who have remote controls will be given one access tag per remote control, free of charge. The dates on which access tags can be registered will be communicated shortly.

Installation of the GLOVENT hardware is underway and temporary tag readers have been installed in
the Visitors’ lanes to enable the testing of the access tags. More permanent fixtures will be done as
soon as the civils at the Gatehouse and the old access control system (CLICK-ON) has been removed
from the Estate.

Owners and Residents requiring assistance may contact the Estate Manager on 082 383 6926 or by email at [email protected] or go directly to the office situated at the Clubhouse.

The above Communique 5 was issued by Pretor Group on 30 June 2022 via email to all owners. Should you wish, you can download it here.

Kind Regards

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights Country Estate HOA