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Urgent Call: Don’t be stranded outside the gate! Register now on the Glovent APP

7th June 2022 | News & Events

Dear Owners and Residents,

This is an urgent call for owners and residents of properties within the Estate who have not yet registered on GLOVENT to please do so at your earliest convenience.

This request is directed at:

1. Non-resident owners as well as their tenants
2. Owners of vacant stands
3. Owners of stands where a building is in progress.

To date, there are 43/103 Owners of Full Title Properties that have not yet registered and 52/98 of Sectional Title Properties that have not yet registered.

We are concerned that there may be a last-minute rush and that residents and owners will be stuck at the gate when we go live at the beginning of July 2022. We will also not be able to activate your tags to GLOVENT if you have not downloaded and registered on the APP.

Thank you to owners and residents who have already registered on the APP, you can please maintain your vehicles, ID numbers and pets.

Note that GLOVENT is POPIA compliant and all their staff that has access to our database have signed confidentiality agreements to ensure that your information is safe.

GLOVENT Technicians will be on site towards the end of this week to commence with the hardware installation at the Gatehouse after which there is the process of registering employees and contractors as well as the validation of access cards and tags.

Once again, please remember that this information will not update the current access system (CLICK ON).

Owners and Residents requiring assistance may contact the Estate Manager on 082 383 6926 or by email at [email protected] or go directly to the office situated at the Clubhouse.

The above Communique 4 was issued by Pretor Group on 7 June 2022 via email to all owners. Should you wish, you can download it here.

Kind Regards

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights Country Estate HOA