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Pets: Newsletter Retraction of a portion of the Park

6th June 2022 | News & Events

Dear Owners,

Towards the middle of May 2022, an Eco Park Newsletter was circulated within the Estate to update Residents and Owners on the work being done by the Park Committee.

This newsletter contained a paragraph to the effect that dogs may be let off their leashes in the Park area.

Whilst this matter was a topic of discussion at some of the Directors’ meetings and attracted much debate, a resolution contrary to the current rules was not made by the Board.

Therefore, we wish to confirm that Paragraph 4 on Page 9 of the Estate’s Governance Manual remains valid with no variation thereto.

Paragraph 4(c to e) reads as follows:

(c) Pets are to be contained within the owner’s property and must be held on a leash in all
communal areas.

(d) Owners of pets must ensure that cyclists, walkers, joggers, pedestrians and other pets are
not attacked, traumatized, or harassed.

(e) Owners are to ensure that their pets do not create a nuisance nor disturbance to other
residents at any time of the day or night.

Please adhere to these principles at all times whilst walking your dogs.

The above communique was issued by Pretor Group on 6 June 2022. Should you wish, you can download it here.

Kind Regards

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights Country Estate HOA