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Call for Eco-Park Volunteers

11th April 2022

Dear Residents,

This Group was formed in May 2021 to advise the board of the HOA and to assist the Estate Manager in matters pertaining to our Eco-Park. As we approach the first anniversary of the Group, we invite interested Residents and Owners to apply to join the Group. We need your continuous input to get the Park we want.

In the past year, the Group has produced a set of policies for the management of the Park and several Action Plans for implementation in the year.

These Action Plans so far have mostly focussed on the control of invasive plants, where some progress has been made.

Recently we were very excited to have bought the first tranche of trees and shrubs, to be planted in the corridors to link the Bush Patch to the River Reserve and RNR.

Ahead of us lie some mammoth tasks for which we invite your input:

  • The invasive plants’ situation needs our advice and monitoring
  • We can start with some plans for the rejuvenation of the Bush
  • The grassland is severely impoverished in many areas and needs a management plan to
    revive it
  • Facilities for users of the park need work
  • We need surveys of the flora and fauna to measure our progress in biodiversity
  • We need fresh energy and ideas to ensure we maximise the conservation and recreation value of this great asset of ours

Please apply to the Estate Manager with a note explaining your interests in the park and any
relevant experience you bring to the party.

We take the opportunity to thank the founding members of the Group for their contribution so far.

Kindly direct your interest to become a volunteer to Rietvlei Heights’ Estate Manager Debby Lubbe at [email protected].

Should you have missed the email, you can download the Communique here.

Kind regards

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights HOA