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Feedback on a Reported Security Incident

23rd December 2021

Dear Owners,

The Directors are aware of a security incident reported by one of our residents, which was recently published on our Facebook page.

The Board wishes to assure everyone that there has been no breach of our perimeter security systems at all.

It should also be made clear that the residence in question is within the Estate and not on the Estate boundary. The “wall” referred to in the Facebook post does not refer to the external wall of the Estate but to the internal residence boundary wall.

There will always be a risk of criminal or mischievous activity being perpetrated from within the Estate (applicable to all Estates) and Residents, therefore, need to ensure that their properties are adequately secured against such risks e.g. alarm systems, movement detectors, etc.

Members are again reminded of the following:

All complaints and incidents must be reported on email to [email protected] and the Estate Manager at [email protected]

In the absence of the Estate Manager, the Director responsible for the relevant portfolio will investigate and respond accordingly.

Please be mindful that Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages that do not contain full, factual details of incidents can potentially and unnecessarily cause panic and anxiety amongst residents.

Thank you and kind regards,

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights Country Estate Homeowners Association