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Bi-Waste Festive Season Closing dates

6th December 2021

Dear Residents,

This year has flown by and we find ourselves again on the doorstep of the festive season!

  • BI Waste (Pty) Ltd will collect your normal household waste on the Holiday 16th December 2021 as per normal.
  • BI Waste (Pty) Ltd will be collecting your normal household waste during the festive season as per normal but is closed on Monday 27th 2021.
  • Sites that fall on Monday will be done on the Tuesday, Tuesday sites will be moved to Wednesday, Wednesday sites will be collected Thursday and Thursday sites on Friday. We apologise for the inconvenience but in this manner all the bins can still be collected in that week.

It is crucial that the residents put their bins out early, for if the trucks have passed, we will be unable to send them back. Please remember that BI Waste does not allow private arrangements with our drivers. You are welcome to email us at [email protected] or call on 074 4321000 / 063 609 8187

  • Should you have full bins containing grass/small garden waste only, please ensure to let us know at least one day in advance in order to assist you professionally and find you on our system.


  • Our Recyclers thank you for your continued support during this very unusual year!
  • Due to the closures of our shared sorting yards with Nampac, Mpact and Mondy the last day of collecting is on 22nd December 2021 and we re-open on 4th January 2022.
  • Since bulk storage of recycling products poses a fire hazard we ask that you either discard the waste with the normal household waste stream or keep it safe until we re-open.


The Country is still in a state of COVID-19 and the hygienic rules still apply with regard to the use of garbage bags as far as possible when disposing of any waste.

Thank you for keeping in mind our workers who have families and children. Everybody is scared of contracting the deadly disease for which there is no cure yet.

The government recognised our workers as FRONT-LINE workers and the only reason for our workers not yet contracting the virus is that Management and Residents where we work are highly conscientious when working with waste products. Even should this pandemic disappear the whole nation is now very sensitive with regard to hygiene including our personnel. Please refer to our COVID 19 notices sent in the past.

You can download the notice of the closing date here

Hope you have a great festive season

The Bi Waste Team