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Aesthetics Approval Request Procedure

5th February 2020

Dear Resident,

An email was sent by Pretor to all members on 4 February 2020 regarding the aesthetics approval request procedure for both single and sectional title dwellings in Rietvlei Heights Estate.  Should you have missed the email you can access it here.

Rietvlei Heights has an incredibly high aesthetics standard which is a huge asset and contributes in no small way to the high demand for homes and stands in the estate. Due to the continued load shedding and other power interruptions many residents, understandably, would like to install solar panels. Whilst solar panels are in no way discouraged, approval by the aesthetics team is imperative.

Before ANY alterations, additions to your home as well as the installation of solar panels and air-conditioners must be approved by the aesthetics directors.

Download the request form here. This must please be completed and forwarded for approval. Please provide as much information as possible and perhaps a sketch of the placement of the solar panels and air-conditioners you would like to install in order for the directors to make an informed decision. Please also take into account that no air conditioning unit may be visible from the road and that solar panels be placed where they will be least visible from the road.

Kind regards

Debby Lubbe
Estate Manager