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Notice: Closing of building activities in the Estate

14th December 2018

Dear Owners and Residents,

Owners are kindly advised to note the following in respect to building activities during the festive season at Rietvlei Heights HOA:

  1. The last day for any building activities in the Estate will be Friday, the 14th of December 2018.
  2. All heavy-duty equipment must be removed out of the Estate.
  3. All removable toilets must be removed from the Estate.
  4. Sheds and toilets must be firmly secured and locked. The HOA will not take any responsibility for tools etc. in the event that they disappear, and it is therefore imperative that all valuable tools and electric equipment, including generators be removed.
  5. Building sites should be closed off securely with shade netting that can withstand rain and heavy winds.
  6. Building activities can commence on Monday, the 7th of January 2019.
  7. All building materials, building rubble, excess soil and rocks on open stands must be removed by the 14th of December 2018.
  8. Failing to do so will result in a fine being levied and the HOA will arrange for it to be removed on behalf of the owner, with all cost incurred being allocated to the owners account.

This communique was emailed by Pretor to all owners regarding the Closing of building activities in the Estate on 14 December 2018. You can download the communique here.

Kind Regards

The Board of Directors
Rietvlei Heights Country Estate
Homeowners Association